Student Government

The purpose of the Student Government and Student Council is to serve as an organization to hear concerns made by students, and to mediate these concerns to the faculty and administration in an amicable, respectful and tactful manner, as well as to lead various projects and service work aimed for the betterment of Center for International Education and the surrounding community.

We meet on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month.

SGA Officers

  • President: Chloe Mitchell
  • Vice President: Hannah Bethel
  • Secretary: Destiny Martinez

Senior Officers

  • President: Dalilah Ambrister
  • Vice President: Polina Evdokimova
  • Secretary: Maeva Dalce
  • Treasurer: Zyan Adrien

Junior Officers

  • President: Camila Garcia
  • Vice-President: Veronica Nieves
  • Secretary: Naomi Victorero
  • Treasurer: Taylor Kranwinkel
  • Class Representative: Elle Fourie

Sophomore Officers

  • President: Alexys Noda
  • Vice President: Cynthia Feliz
  • Secretary: Illeany Torres
  • Treasurer: Ava Camblin
  • Class Representative: Katherine Vazquez

Freshmen Officers

  • President: Lydia Blanco
  • Vice-President: Briana Beard
  • Secretary: Helen Herrera
  • Treasurer: Leilani Pryor