Center for International Education currently does not have an athletic program. However, students that would like to participate in varsity sports can return to their assigned feeder school to participate in athletics.

Parents and students must make contact and arrangements with the Athletic Director at the assigned feeder school for any additional requirements.

Are you a student athlete playing sports at your home school or for a traveling team? Do you want to be eligible to play in college?

Read below for information!

Want to play college sports?


Guide for the College bound athlete

  • First step:
    • Make an account on the NCAA site: MAKE ACCOUNT
    • 2 different types of accounts
    • Certification account – If you’re sure you would like to play for a division I or II – Paid (or waiver)- Profile account – If you’re unsure if you want to play or you’re just getting started – unpaid
  • Second step:
    • Speak to Ms. Garcia about uploading your transcripts – Can only be done with a certified account.
  • Third step:
    • Continue to take eligible courses, get good grades, and playing and practicing. Only college coaches can recruit you. If they do, make sure you get an offer in writing.