Course Offerings

Earning the AICE Diploma

Learners must achieve at least one credit (pass the exam) from each of Groups 1, 2, and 3.  A maximum of two credits can count from Group 4, which is optional.

AS = 1 credit

A – 2 credits if taken as a stand-alone class. 1 credit if taken as the second course in the group.

Current 2022-2023 Offerings

Core Group 0Cambridge Global PerspectivesCambridge Global Perspectives AS (Mandatory)
Group 1Mathematics and SciencesBiology 1 AS
Biology 2 A
Chemistry 1 AS
Chemistry 2 A
Computer Science AS
Environmental Management AS (Group 1 or 3)
Marine Science 1 AS
Marine Science 2 A (2 pts)
Mathematics & Mechanics AS
Mathematics & Probability & Statistics AS
Mathematics & Mechanics & Probability & Statistics AS
Physics AS (June 2021)
Psychology AS (Group 1 or 3)
Group 2LanguagesEnglish Language 1 AS
English Language 2 A
Spanish Language AS
Spanish A
Group 3Arts and HumanitiesBusiness AS
Environmental Management AS (Group 1 or 3)
History AS (European)
History AS (United States)
Literature in English AS
Psychology AS (Group 1 or 3)
Sociology AS
Spanish Literature AS
Travel & Tourism AS
Group 4 (optional)Interdisciplinary SubjectsEnglish General Paper AS
Thinking Skills AS (June 2020)

Minimum 7 points – 1 frim each section (4 is optional)
Global Perspectives is mandatory
Courses must ne completed in a 25 month period