Community Service

Community service is a graduation requirement for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Center for International Education (CIE) requires students to complete a minimum of 100 hours by the end of the 1st quarter of the student’s senior year.

Once you have completed the required 100 hours, complete this form and submit online for review. Any additional hours should be submitted as they are completed through a separate form. Community service projects are well-planned, organized, and voluntary efforts designed to address a specific need in the community. Well-conceived projects provide students with the opportunity to plan and implement a project to which they feel personally committed.

Community service hours must be performed solely by the student and may be performed at any of the following: (1) a non-profit organization, (2) a government agency, (2) a school, (3) a hospital, (4) a retirement organization or home, or (5) for a disabled or elderly individual in need of assistance. Students may not receive community service hours for work on an individual’s political campaign or for volunteering in a relative’s business and may not receive any compensation such as money, gifts or other benefits for their service. The school must approve and verify that the student’s community service complies with these requirements.

  1. Complete at minimum of 100 hours with a community agency.
  2. Submit your essay online and KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS.
  3. Obtain an agency or organization letter(s) from the place(s) you did the community service. The letter must be written on the organization(s) letterhead stating dates worked, total number of hours completed, the name of the supervisor and a contact telephone number.4. Upon completion of total hours, submit your packet online. Upon review of your community service paperwork, you will receive confirmation of approval and or request for follow-up documentation.
  4. Required Essay: Summarize your community service in essay form. Use grammatically correct sentences and check your spelling. Address each of the following in your essay.

A. Describe your Community Service Project and the main activities of your project. (50-60 words)
B. Outline the steps you took to plan, implement, and complete the project. (100-200 words)
C. Describe the impact you believe your project had on the community. (100 words)
D. Describe what you learned about yourself and the importance of giving back to others. (150 words)

Once you have 100 hours of community service – Submit the information, hours, and essay by clicking HERE. 

Once you have submitted your required 100 hours and would like to submit hours beyond the requirement, please upload the letters from the organization HERE – Please note that the essay is not required for this submission.

***Community Service Projects must be done at a NON-PROFIT 501-C ORGANIZATION. Ask Ms. Garcia before doing any hours.

Here are some phone numbers/websites you may find helpful: Breakthrough Miami

Miami Children’s Hospital
Special Olympics
Hospice Care
Camillus House
Lighthouse of Broward County
Children’s Trust
Jackson Memorial
His House Children Home
Miami Rescue Mission
Fair Havens Nursing Home
Coconut Grove Arts Festival
Ronald McDonald House
Habitat for Humanity
Juvenile Diabetes Week
Good Will
Informed Families
AIDS Walkathon
UM Hospital
Red Cross
Easter Seal South Florida
United Way Easter Seal Society
United Way 3
Miami Children’s Museum
Feeding South Fl
Tropical Audubon
Dolphin Foundation
Miami Lighthouse for the Blind
Salvation Army
Miami Dade Animal Services
Vietnam Veterans of America
Miami Jewish Hospitals
(matching website)
St. Vincent de Paul