AICE Program

What are the benefits of AICE?

The Cambridge advanced level courses are equivalent to those of Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB). The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) program not only prepares students to get into a university with up to 45 hours of college credit, but it also provides them with the skills required to be successful once there. Students also have an opportunity to earn the AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) Diploma through the Cambridge advanced level courses offered at CIE. The AICE Diploma is an award for the completion of a specific number and type of classes that are recognized at many universities throughout the United States. Students who reside in Florida and earn an AICE Diploma (and complete the required number of community service hours) are eligible for the Florida Academic Scholars award amount through the Bright Futures Scholarship, regardless of GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

The Cambridge AICE Program is an innovative and accelerated method of academic study offered solely through the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

  • The world’s largest provider of K-12 international education programs
  • A global model for academic excellence through rigorous standards and high expectations
  • An educational leader in 160 countries, with programs in over 9000 schools
  • Part of England’s renowned University of Cambridge

Colleges look for students who take academically challenging classes, and the pre-AICE and AICE courses at CIE offer students an opportunity to pursue a rigorous course of study. The AICE courses and their corresponding examinations are equivalent to first year college and university courses. Students earn college credit for each examination they pass. All AICE and Pre-AICE courses strictly follow a course syllabus that is designed by Cambridge University professors.

The best advantage of the AICE program is that students are given the flexibility to choose a course of study that best meets their abilities and interests. Students determine which courses they want to take and are able to create a schedule of courses that are relevant to their future goals.

How do students earn an AICE Diploma?

To earn an AICE diploma, students must pass seven credits worth of AS or A Level examinations. At least one examination must come from each of the three subject groups: Mathematics and Sciences, Languages, and Arts & Humanities. One credit must come from the AS Global Perspectives course.

Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level courses are one-year classes. A passed examination for an AS-Level course counts for one credit toward an AICE diploma. Advanced (A) Level courses are two-year classes. A passed examination for an A-Level counts for two credits toward an AICE diploma. Students can use 6 different AS-Level courses or use a mixture of AS-Level and A-Level courses to meet the requirements for the AICE Diploma.

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Do students have to earn the full AICE Diploma in order to earn college credits?

No. Students receive General Certificate of Education (GCE) subject certificates for AS and A Level examinations passed. Colleges award credit on a subject-by-subject basis according to grades earned on individual examinations passed.

Do many universities give college credits for AICE exams passed?

Yes. CIE publishes a list on their website ( of US universities that have provided written statements of their AICE (which includes AS and A Levels) recognition policy. All public universities and community colleges in Florida award up to 45 hours of college credits for AICE exams passed. Private universities in Florida and universities outside of the state of Florida may have specific admission requirements for some courses and will vary in the amount of credit given to AICE students, so it is advisable to contact the university directly for information on credits students can earn.

In addition, the Florida Department of Education recognizes the AICE program as an official acceleration mechanism and is included in the Bright Futures Scholarship Program as an additional means to earn scholarship monies. Students who earn the AICE Diploma, and have 100 community service hours, automatically receive the Florida Academic Scholars Award. Students who complete the diploma program, but do not earn the diploma can still earn the Academic Scholars Award with appropriate SAT and ACT test scores. The Medallion Scholars Award is available to AICE Program completers as well for students who do not meet the high level SAT and ACT score requirements.

Why AICE at CIE?

Center for International Education is a University of Cambridge International Associate School. This status recognizes the close relationship that our Centre has with Cambridge International Examinations. Anyone planning to attend a four-year university or to enter the world of business will benefit from studying this broad and balanced curriculum and the skills that they will gain from it.

CIE is also the only full Cambridge magnet senior high school in South Florida. While other feeder schools and magnet schools may have Cambridge programs, our school is unique in that our only area of focus for our students is there success in Cambridge AICE program. CIE not only offers students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to earn up to 45 college credits and an international diploma, but as established partnerships with Baptist Health and the Homestead Air Reserve Base to offer our students internships and real world experience.